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[Event] Forum Screenshot

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 Hello and good day! It is your time to show off your looks and describe your Cosmos Story!



1st Place: @Naturize

2nd Place: @Beefinator

3rd Place: @Riff

Winners have already received their rewards. Thank you for joining!


  • Post a screenshot with a theme story on it. You are allowed to wear any in-game cosmetics/effects you need.
  • Any in-game map is applicable. Feel free to choose which suits your theme best.
  • Only three (3) participants will win. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Non-winners will also receive rewards for joining.
  • No reservation of slots (replying to the topic and editing it afterward) on the forums. This will mean disqualification.
  • There will be a prelimination round which will be voted by players and staffs. Final day for poll voting is at June 25, 2017. The final round will be judged by the staff members.
  • You could use any image hosting sites (for ex. Photobucket, tinypic etc.) but strictly no sharing of account used on the said sites. Immediate disqualification will be given if you are proven sharing with someone.
  • No sharing of forum accounts/duals in-game.
  • Five (5) days are given for the players to submit their entries until June 23, 2017. The topic will automatically lock after the given deadline.
  • Everyone will be given a week in order to vote for your respective screenshot choices. A poll will be rolled out after the submission deadline.
  • You are allowed to vote for your own screenshot but creating dummy accounts in order to garner votes will not be tolerated.
  • When submitting, follow the format below:

                                                                               2lk4pjc.gif                  wtyjgo.gif                t8ruvl.gif                k53bpu.gif
                    IGN: (In-Game Name)
                    Theme: (The theme of your screenshot)
                    Description: (Briefly explain what your screenshot is about/the story behind it)

                10417qb.gif                2efkd5g.gif

Criteria for judging on the final round will be as follows:
                    Story - 30%
                    Creativity - 30%
                    Theme - 15%
                    Overall Appearance - 15%
                    Votes - 10%


   1p9sft.gif 1st Place: 2 Event Rune + 1 Cosmos Gem + 2 Ruby/Garnet of your choice + 20 Yggdrasil Berry + 2 Battle Manual + 2 Bubble Gum and 500k zeny

29zpjq1.gif2nd Place: 2 Event Rune + 1 Cosmos Gem + 1 Ruby/Garnet of your choice + 10 Yggdrasil Berry + 2 Battle Manual + 2 Bubble Gum and 250k zeny
 2mc9efm.gif  3rd Place: 2 Event Rune + 1 Cosmos Gem + 5 Yggdrasil Berry + 2 Battle Manual + 2 Bubble Gum and 100k zeny

Non Winners will receive 1 Event Rune + 5 Yggdrasil Seed + a Broadcast from the GM. (PM GM-Retpircs for your messages. No offensive/inflammatory words.)
Rewards will be given out by GM-Retpircs after the event.

Note: Please check this post for updates. Any change can be made without prior notice. The event may be canceled by a Forum Moderator or Gamemaster if deemed necessary.

Good luck everyone!


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IGN: Miao
Theme: Preparing Cat-astrophy
Description: Two Cats discussing on how to take control of Cosmos RO

Soldier: Reporting Purr-ince, I have investigate the leader of the server.
Purr-ince: Purr-fect, tell me meow.

Soldier: See the woman on the left? that telling everybody she's on Holiday? She's Purr-incess Yatohime, she is the leader.
Purr-ince: Fur real? she's purr-ty, wait... are you kitten me? we're discussing really close to her, she'll notice us.
Soldier: No Purr-ince, they said the best place to hide is at the enemy base.

Purr-ince: Meow-velous, I never think of that. Very well we shall kidnap her while she's on holiday, and Purr-suate her to become my girlfri... ehm.. give us Cosmos Ro.

Soldier: What if she cannot be Purr-suated?

Purr-ince: Paw-sibly... we need resort on Fur-st degree purr-der... (/gg) anyway... don't fur-get report me the purr-gress everday and proceed with claw-sion.

Soldier: Yes Purr-ince.

Purr-ince: you may leave and thank you for your won-fur-ful work my fur-end.

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IGN: Beef

Theme: Hiding from GM's


Retpircs wants to have a hunt beef server event.

Yato wants to steak(pun intended) me.

Some players want my head for their food.

Decided to hide out with family they understand they always understand....

screenCosmosRO Gaming147.jpg

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IGN: Riff

Theme: MVP Time (Have hide n seek with Moonlight Flower)


Moonlight usually teleport when we do hit and run. We hit and run, when we run, she will teleport (hide from us)

and usually she will tele in the outermost layer of the map.. So, I got MVP with my acid demon (the grenade is from Charlotte, thanks anyway)


See, is it a cool SS right? xD



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