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  1. Old player dropping by~ its nice to see huge updates from the server. Hoping to play again soon~

  2. Welcome to the community. Enjoy your stay~
  3. LMAO Good try, Revan. Just for fun, let me submit a newer one. This was taken last Wednesday when I was drinking with friends. /slur
  4. Honestly speaking, I was not expecting this update, the moment I joined here I felt that I was in a high rate server but yeah, this is actually a good start. I have been with several renewal servers, particularly in the mid rate section for the past 5-6 years, and hoping that I'd stay here long enough like on my previous servers. (I'm willing to stay here even if I will have to work again on May) Here's some of my inputs: ROTD is fine, since leveling can be difficult at times, its best that it can stay since we're at renewal though, but whatever the staff will decide, we can respect that. Having max stats back to 130 makes things balanced for all. Let's face it, we are in a mid rate, not in a high rate that we need 255 for max, plus it gives the thrill and makes most gears reasonable to equip. Awakening is actually a great feature, I really hope that it stays, and the current rewards are perfect as they are right now since leveling and stats are back to its normal rate, getting to 175 should be difficult enough and the effort to obtain it is already fine. At the start of awakening, you can only get few loots and you really need to be awaken for several times in order for you to have good rewards which is already enough. (Let the people have something to do after they hit 175 and after they get decent gears) I suggest the costume store in Airship Market (am I right? XD) should be kept hidden until further notice and have the costumes on a monthly quest basis so that players have something to do and to look forward every month so that we're always kept hooked up in the game.
  5. Best suggestion for this one. c: And just indicate to the style that those hairstyles are taken out until further notice to avoid crash and etc.
  6. I don't have a screenshot but this was proven when I did it when I joined and when someone was changing her hairstyle earlier. I think it should be around 50~70 but not so sure. I can do it if you needs need the exact number of the hairstyle.
  7. I am just following what Yato did. :v Feel free to bash with the censor on.