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  1. I am back , All of this will be fixed soon Best Regards, Cosmos
  2. Cosmos Regalia Cosmos Regalia is replacement for Cosmos Rune. Cosmos Rune doesn't have any effect after this make sure to trade to Regalia at Regalia Master on the right of the Main Town (Caelestia) There is currently over 148 Variation of Regalia and each can only be placed into one part of Shadow Armor. 1 Shadow Armor can hold 3 Regalia but can't hold 2 or more of the same kind of Regalia. Obtainable Cosmos Left Hand Regalia Coming Soon - Over 20 new variation of Right Hand Regalia Other Changes. - Nekoring Changes - Remove Weapon Mastery [ will be reworked soon ] - Adjust 4 Maiden Raid - Maximum Status Ailments natural resistance to 90% - Vit required to reach max status ailments doubled. - Mining Zeny acquired decreased - Eclipse Garnet/Twilight Ruby -> 25 to 1 Cosmos Gem Farming Changed -> max level to 16 , 2 Plants -> Lv 3 3 Plants -> Lv 9 4 Plants -> Lv 12 5 Plants -> lv 16 Farm now can be harvested by other people and stored into Farm Storage.
  3. Upcoming change in a week 1. Cosmos Rune reworked to Cosmos Regalia , it will be enchanted on shadow armor instead of equiping it. Compensation as shadow safe refine ticket will be placed according to the refine of the rune later. 2. Farm , max level of farming will be increased , reduced and make the amount of plant plantable scale with the new level. Other player will be able to harvest other player plant and the harvest will be send to Farm Manager Storage (not stealed) 3. Upcoming Profession System : Regalia Master , Enchanter , Gardener , etc... 4. Several new Unique Weapon added 5. Weapon Mastery will be reworked 6. Valentine event for whole February ~!! New Event Token ! New Event Monster ! New Cards ! Etc!
  4. Hi Huwes! Thanks for your concern, There is no bot in our server because we use Gepard HackShield as our GameGuard. I can guarantee that. As for miner , miner is interacting with npc and they do that using Mouse Macro . Its fine for me since it won't allow them to use their PC (except they are rich using multiple pc) Regards, Cosmos
  5. Almost all of the stars are rebalanced and as the result monster from RAID is rebalanced and RAID Prize Increased Please found the details below RAID Rebalance Echidna : Decrease HP and Attack Siren : Decrease HP and Attack for Siren and Servant Lilith : Decrease ATK of Spirit Hera : Decrease ATK and HP Raid rewards has been increased Enchanted Stars
  6. Hi my dear Cosmos Family, We will be balance all of the star so some raids will be seems unbalanced but we will continue and compensate with new features to make the game more interesting and enjoyable. If no challenge the game wouldn't be interesting right. (and also getting back the game to real midrate how it supposed to be) I hope the player understand with current situation and we will have 1 year anniversary in 1 month~!! And hope we can have a good year in 2018~!!
  7. Dear My Cosmos Family, Thank you for the support until this day. But I want also to give something as a rewards for players that contribute for the community. As for today 28 September 2017 , we from Cosmos GM Team will give rewards for any contribution we deemed worthy Rewards given is Appreciation Box III with amount decided by myself and Yatohime. Contribution can form as such bug reporting, abuse reporting, guide creation, reference rewards. Cheers, Cosmos
  8. Dear my Cosmos Family, Airship Market is no more and moved to Caelestia Castellum , on the South West of Caelestia. Due to higher rent , the Costume Price on Dealer is changed to 17 Cosmos Gem and as compensation of this changes. Dealer Recycler will give a full refund of the Costume ( 17 Cosmos Gem ) , so if you bought before with 12 Cosmos Gem , you can still get the same refund of 17 Cosmos Gem. NB : Eclipse Garnet and Twilight Ruby Drop Rates are doubled permanently from MVP and Normal Monster. Best Regards, Cosmos
  9. We only HP Buff the Nightmare Mode , and we doesn't even expect players to finish it under 1 hours , as the loot itself if you exclude the Enchanted Star Box is already worth more than anything we ever given , and we already kind enough to give no limitation for those. We will develop more things like enchants and gears in the near future. And I never expect people to do it endlessly in the first place when we created it , as in the Insane or Nightmare mode.
  10. @JimmyR Firstly thank you for the feedback and reply. We from Cosmos Team is appreciate this. The one that I buff is only nightmare and giving more reward on easy normal and hard mode. I know that gathering people is hard as for now but once it gathered you can run as many times you want since it has no cooldown or limit. Anymore feedback please do tell me. Regards, Cosmos
  11. Changelog Cash Point and Donation as explained in here RAID Dark Dragon : Easy, Medium, and Hard now drops Yggdrasil Berry Box (10) as rewards , while Insane and Nightmare mobs rebalanced. RAID is a end game content that the purpose to gather player and make it more like RAIDS , its hard and one shot because Ragnarok is not that type Hack & Slash Game and it can infinitely revive team members. Mining System , new mining system has been implemented Nerf Star that give status to a proper stats so it wont make it OP. Blacksmith Weapon TII Star giving half bonus from original. Acolyte Power Star TI giving instead of 10 now its 5. Rogue Tunnel Drive Star TII giving 5/10/20 movespeed from 10/25/75 Other Star will be inspected by me Best Regards, Cosmos
  12. Hello Dear Cosmos Family I'm hereby announced that we are changing price on Donations Credits From Originally $1 = 1 Credit , you get $1 = 2 Credit now. And as for Cash Shop in-game , price for Costume and some items are increased , some usable items still normal. These changes will affect the Cosmos Costume Dealer also~ Best Regards, Cosmos
  13. Cosmos Ragnarok Online Server Information 1. About Cosmos Ragnarok is all about fun and a lovely community server, and we will be delighted to see you here. Enjoy your stay! This will give you brief and short information about our server. PS: We don't have a Job Changer NPC. It is intended, have fun questing the usual way~! 2. Main Information · Base/Job Exp: 75x/75x · MVP Exp: 100x · Quest Exp: 200x · Heal Exp: 5x · Drop Rates: 25x (Algorithmic tables) · Normal Card: 0.10% · MVP Card: 0.01% · Max Level: 175/70 (Both for 3rd classes and expanded classes) · Max Status: 130 · Max ASPD: 194 · Homunculus Loyality: 7x · Party Sharing: 100 levels · Party Share Bonus: +5 Member +40% EXP · Abracadabra: Enabled · Hairstyle: 84 Different styles for both male and female to choose from · Costume: Alternative costumes for many job classes 3. Features · Alternative Outfits · Awakening System · Daily Rewards · Crimson Weapons · Weekend Rush · Leveling Curve · Mining Implemented & Working · Universal Gems & Exchangers · Weapon Mastery · Gambling Area · Player Housing · Runes of Power 4. NPC List · Stylist and Alternate Stylist · Settings NPC · Build Manager NPC · Healer · Warper (Dungeon enterance only) · Reset Stats & Reset Skills NPC · Card Removal Service · Rental Service · PVP Arena & Duel Arena & GvG Arena · Battlegrounds (with @joinbg easy access) · Cosmos Exchanger (Gem and Cash Exchanger) · Event Manager and Event Shop · Mining NPC · Refiner: Easy Refine,Ticket Refinement, Shadow Equipment & Rune Refiner · Platinum Skills NPC · Awakening NPC · Gambling Area 5. Instances · Geffen Magic Tournament · Ghost Palace · Isle of Bios · Horror Toy Factory · Nightmarish Jitterbug · Sarah Memory · Wolfchev Laboratory · Old Glast Heim · Eclage Interior · Hazy Forest · Bakonawa Lake · Bangungot Hospital · Buwaya Cave · Octopus Cave · Malangdo Culvert · Orcs Memory · Nydhoggs Nest · Sealed Shrine · Endless Tower · *SOON* Charleston Crisis · *SOON* Airship Assault · *SOON* Aincard 6. Player Commands · @rates · @refresh · @autotrade · @exp · @itemınfo / ii · @help · @noask · @storage · @breakguild · @autoloottype · @charcommands · @go · @alootid · @noks · @time · @uptime · @channel · @showexp · @changegm · @showdelay · @accept · @afk · @whereis · @whodrops · @leave · @showzeny · @hominfo · @invite · @commands · @jailtime · @langtype · @request · @autoloot · @homstats · @duel · @mobinfo · @weaponinfo/wi (Weapon Mastery System) · @mining (Mining System) · @mall · @joinbg · @autopot Everything here is subject to change depending on various circumstances. Players may or may not be informed in advance concerning changes. Creating an account willingly on the server will be perceived as an agreement upon terms between player and server. All products, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement. © 2017 COSMOS RAGNAROK ONLINE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.