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  1. 49 Tree available in 49 maps ? I see: Odin Temple 1 , Yuno Field 1 , Prontera Field 10, Luti Field, Can you show me where is other Mythical Tree ?
  2. Hack game, hack item is unfair. That's right. But Auto mouse, Macro,.. is not. If you dont use macro, you play 2 hours for hunting other item everyday,. 5 days ( 5x 2 = 10h ) you got it. If you use macro, your computer run 10 hours continuously, you got it. It's very normal. If you are not rich, you walk from home to school since 1 hour. But I'm rich, I take taxi with 10 minutes. Is it unfair with you ? I dont think macro is unfair as you said.
  3. In the real world, people can do many things, but are limited by the law. Imagination is fair but reality is not. Who find the penalty, who cleverly still safe. In the gaming world, we have code that restricts the player's rights. That is, players are free to do what they can. If the player still can do things that the admin does not like, locking the account is not advisable, instead, thanks and thinking the new programming code restricts that. Valentine's Day event is good, event monster can not be killed by spamming skill Jack.