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  1. Pet System(Feeding and Returning Egg) <https://imgur.com/VIm2vCn> As you can see in the image my pet succubus needed to be fed with pet food instead of vital flower even other cosmos player experience this bug <Cifer, Slash[Arjuna](Pet run away because he cant feed and he didnt know what to do) Sealed Abyss Dungeon(Hard Mode) <https://imgur.com/62ibuZJ> I only experience this one time in Hard Mode of Sealed Abyss I killed all 5 of the ring leaders in stage/floor 2 of the abyss and then when I killed the last one the portal didn't appear I waited 2-3 mins because I thought I was lagging for a bit and used console command(@refresh) but still the portal didn't appear Please fix thanks in advance
  2. Bump. This update will gonna be exciting af.
  3. Maybe the player's point out "How about the people who didn't use macro" because it is really unfair for those people/player who work hard for obtaining a specific item/equipment, especially that @abetpedia mention above (With Video Proof) that Infinite Flywing + Jackfrost Combo is pretty op why? Because its not very time consuming [how about the others who spend time and work hard to get that item/equipment? it's very unfair] or the most scary thing that might happen is "maybe" other player will continue abusing macro or "maybe" use it on event present/future event (that need gathering events like Valentine Event)... PS.Im just justifying
  4. Jebaited haha im a boy(fanboy) of Yeoreum /gg
  5. Gonna leave this here~~~ IGN:Yeoreum PS: Some pictures have sh*tty quality and have problem embedding imgur /sob <Right click then open in new tab>
  6. Name: Ralph In-Game Name: Yeoreum Gender (Optional): Male Age (Optional): Early 20's and Face looks like mid 30's Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: Browsing thru Ratemyserver(Mid rates) What do you expect from the server?: Curious about Awakening and what will it do :v