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    I can't help but to respond because most of these replies are ridiculous smh. Those who are defending the 'macro/bot' users are most likely the ones abusing it. Lets get straight to the point, no bullsht. The Wizard spaming teleport+jackfrost is hadoken, the Mining afk abuser is BoneFletcher any other exploiters u see are correlated to them. Ive seen others report these kinda of problems before and no change, its been going on for quite sometime now. Cosmos/yato does not give a sht and will not do anything about it, as it is clearly stated so just accept the facts that thats how it is and thats how its going to be and move on. -Ex Shadow
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    i can't believe to read this kinda of response from you really, i'm so disappointed Bot or macro what's the difference they have the same purpose to exploit you or the server. they could mine 24/7 using that 3rd party program suchh as marcro and other stuff its really unfair for people like me who grind hours and hours just to get decent amount of resources, it makes the zenny useless at all, i'm so sadden from your reply to think you allow this kind of exploitation on your server Sorry to say this but it feels like the bad guy's got your back seriously that's stunning Good luck