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  4. This topic since start already ridiculous enough for me lol... Yes I know that my friends do macros (no not all, some also like me still do manual a.k.a human energy only even without homunculus AI), but since it legalized by the owner, I don't understand why need to rant over it? If you don't like it then don't use it, if you want to use it then use it. It's only depend on the people's mind since their mind won't be the same like you aren't he/she or he/she isn't you. This one is ok now? Now talking about economy in cosmos, I don't understand about the ruin the economy game really. NPC already doing it's job to sell the daily (maybe not daily but lets just said that) stuffs we need (with a bit balanced price (sadly immortal heart too expensive but still can hunt them qwq) (?)), but if you say about vendor player merchant, then you blame on wrong person if you accusing the miner is the one who broke the economy. People mining some for money some for the item like rune fragment, but vendor is the one who decided the price they want to put not the miners. The rarity of items, the effects and anything are those vendor's decision to make the price. Even for players who sell the items also depends on the seller in what material they sell. So this one also understand now? If you still saying about no bot no macro, please move on since the owner already said that this server has no bot, only macro since it legalize and just play for fun, or you can just find the more suitable RO for your peace. If you're still being a brickhead, I don't know anymore lol.
  5. Name: Iman In-Game Name: Nebraska Gender (Optional): Male Age (Optional): 25 years and counting Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: Ratemyserver.net What do you expect from the server?: Good community to share each others build
  6. 49 Tree available in 49 maps ? I see: Odin Temple 1 , Yuno Field 1 , Prontera Field 10, Luti Field, Can you show me where is other Mythical Tree ?
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  8. Bump. This update will gonna be exciting af.
  9. I can't help but to respond because most of these replies are ridiculous smh. Those who are defending the 'macro/bot' users are most likely the ones abusing it. Lets get straight to the point, no bullsht. The Wizard spaming teleport+jackfrost is hadoken, the Mining afk abuser is BoneFletcher any other exploiters u see are correlated to them. Ive seen others report these kinda of problems before and no change, its been going on for quite sometime now. Cosmos/yato does not give a sht and will not do anything about it, as it is clearly stated so just accept the facts that thats how it is and thats how its going to be and move on. -Ex Shadow
  10. Cosmos Regalia Cosmos Regalia is replacement for Cosmos Rune. Cosmos Rune doesn't have any effect after this make sure to trade to Regalia at Regalia Master on the right of the Main Town (Caelestia) There is currently over 148 Variation of Regalia and each can only be placed into one part of Shadow Armor. 1 Shadow Armor can hold 3 Regalia but can't hold 2 or more of the same kind of Regalia. Obtainable Cosmos Left Hand Regalia Coming Soon - Over 20 new variation of Right Hand Regalia Other Changes. - Nekoring Changes - Remove Weapon Mastery [ will be reworked soon ] - Adjust 4 Maiden Raid - Maximum Status Ailments natural resistance to 90% - Vit required to reach max status ailments doubled. - Mining Zeny acquired decreased - Eclipse Garnet/Twilight Ruby -> 25 to 1 Cosmos Gem Farming Changed -> max level to 16 , 2 Plants -> Lv 3 3 Plants -> Lv 9 4 Plants -> Lv 12 5 Plants -> lv 16 Farm now can be harvested by other people and stored into Farm Storage.
  11. just blame the person who invented macro and bot LOL, no use whining at here haha. "that could give a huge impact to the economy, this kind of things ruin the game economy," in cosmos, there is no such thing LOL. ps: i did saw some double headed snake guy who whining while digging at the mine spot , i wonder is he seeing this hahaha
  12. Are you kidding me or what? this is so ridiculous statement, and honestly it makes me laugh even more it's like patronizing the main source of the problem. "If you are not rich, you walk from home to school since 1 hour. But I'm rich, I take taxi with 10 minutes. Is it unfair with you ?" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA damn it this is the best part, you make me laugh and cry at the same time i don't know if i'm going to be mad or what this is so hilarious, you amaze me <3 seriously? Macro is 3rd party program just like bot, bot and macro doesn't require human intervention, and can run hundreds of hour tirelessly, ang gives enormous amount of zenny, Eclipse Garnet, Twilight Ruby and other more stuff that could give a huge impact to the economy, this kind of things ruin the game economy, i don't know what more proof or evidence needed for people like you to open their blind eye's on this issue
  13. Hack game, hack item is unfair. That's right. But Auto mouse, Macro,.. is not. If you dont use macro, you play 2 hours for hunting other item everyday,. 5 days ( 5x 2 = 10h ) you got it. If you use macro, your computer run 10 hours continuously, you got it. It's very normal. If you are not rich, you walk from home to school since 1 hour. But I'm rich, I take taxi with 10 minutes. Is it unfair with you ? I dont think macro is unfair as you said.
  14. Maybe the player's point out "How about the people who didn't use macro" because it is really unfair for those people/player who work hard for obtaining a specific item/equipment, especially that @abetpedia mention above (With Video Proof) that Infinite Flywing + Jackfrost Combo is pretty op why? Because its not very time consuming [how about the others who spend time and work hard to get that item/equipment? it's very unfair] or the most scary thing that might happen is "maybe" other player will continue abusing macro or "maybe" use it on event present/future event (that need gathering events like Valentine Event)... PS.Im just justifying
  15. Ahahaha well MOST people i see in mining site as well other map, people do not bot they MACRO, well like what i said on my early post two different things but the same propose i don't know what proof this Admin needed for them to act
  16. In the real world, people can do many things, but are limited by the law. Imagination is fair but reality is not. Who find the penalty, who cleverly still safe. In the gaming world, we have code that restricts the player's rights. That is, players are free to do what they can. If the player still can do things that the admin does not like, locking the account is not advisable, instead, thanks and thinking the new programming code restricts that. Valentine's Day event is good, event monster can not be killed by spamming skill Jack.
  17. Sorry for disappointing you. I also do that combo and yet mine with quicker than his and i do that manually. People don't reply have many meaning like they don't wanna chat or their logs filled with items. (Yes I usually ignore ppl who whisp me too sometimes) I cant say the argument is valid for this one, but then again depend of Cosmos and Yato.
  18. Well, we play here because we hate bot and macro things in official server. Thanks to you, Cosmos. You ruined ur own server.
  19. Valentine is coming to Cosmos!! 03 February - 01 March 2018 Special Event Monster has spawned at Amatsu Fields , Ayothaya Fields, Jawaii , Lasagna Fields, Brasilis Field, and Caelestia Villeum!! These event monster give decent amount of exp~! Love Crystal (7004) Cosmos Love Cupid (7005) killing these special monster has a chance to spawn these special Boss and giving extra Special Love Letter as rewards Love Angeling (7006) The Lonely One (7007) MVP You can get Special Love Letter as rewards and can be exchanged in the Special Event Shop [Special Event Shop] You can get exclusive Special Event Item such as Enchanted Starlight , Cosmos Costume Ticket , Special Event Card and others!
  20. Upcoming change in a week 1. Cosmos Rune reworked to Cosmos Regalia , it will be enchanted on shadow armor instead of equiping it. Compensation as shadow safe refine ticket will be placed according to the refine of the rune later. 2. Farm , max level of farming will be increased , reduced and make the amount of plant plantable scale with the new level. Other player will be able to harvest other player plant and the harvest will be send to Farm Manager Storage (not stealed) 3. Upcoming Profession System : Regalia Master , Enchanter , Gardener , etc... 4. Several new Unique Weapon added 5. Weapon Mastery will be reworked 6. Valentine event for whole February ~!! New Event Token ! New Event Monster ! New Cards ! Etc!
  21. i already tried it, spawning monster even if it's high chances of monster spawning does not make any changes at all people can just wear reflective gear in example valkyrie manteau, i'm not basing this in my personal view or whatsoever this is base on the fact that you let this thing happen, and carelessly allowing it no matter what judgement or criticism people put on this matter, when you're blind sighted by excuses this won't make any change at all.
  22. Have you tried it yourself? or you just judge the book by its cover? Monster spawn chance is quite high, it spawn range and melee monster that can only be damaged with 1 damage. If you mine on progress and get hit your mining progress is stopped. We forbid bot but how we can prevent macro? Ban is not our solution. Thanks for your criticism but what we see your judgement is based on personal reasons. since I never receive any complains even if i ask the player individually
  23. monster spawn to disturb the macro player for real? have you seen it yourself? how about valkyrie manteau or other times that give reflect damage to the macro user this really give me headache, you're disappointed to people who see wrong on your server , no wonder why this server never grew, it's not the server who have a problem, it's the people behind the server who failed to recognize the criticism for the good of the server, i myself could do the same thing, but i ruins the experience of the game, not the game experience but the whole game itself, i wonder how you failed to see this kinda of thing, afraid of losing players? how about being afraid not to get new players? best of luck Using 3rd party program to exploit anything is forbidden, it's unfair to those people who spend several hour's on mining just to get handful of resource, while those macro user exploits your mining system sitting there watching TV or doing other stuff while there computer doing it's job for them, macro and bot are no difference they both have the same purpose.
  24. test
  25. FYI , there is monster spawn to disturb macro player if you dont know. I'm just dissapointed as you that always see from negative sides
  26. i can't believe to read this kinda of response from you really, i'm so disappointed Bot or macro what's the difference they have the same purpose to exploit you or the server. they could mine 24/7 using that 3rd party program suchh as marcro and other stuff its really unfair for people like me who grind hours and hours just to get decent amount of resources, it makes the zenny useless at all, i'm so sadden from your reply to think you allow this kind of exploitation on your server Sorry to say this but it feels like the bad guy's got your back seriously that's stunning Good luck
  27. Hi Huwes! Thanks for your concern, There is no bot in our server because we use Gepard HackShield as our GameGuard. I can guarantee that. As for miner , miner is interacting with npc and they do that using Mouse Macro . Its fine for me since it won't allow them to use their PC (except they are rich using multiple pc) Regards, Cosmos
  28. Hello Everyone ! i've been here for a week now, and honestly i find the server pretty good, the community has a pretty accommodating, they love answering newbie questions and most of them are willing to help, and i find it pretty awesome. i find the server very interesting, cause the server have lots to offer there are Awaken System, Raid System, Sealed Dragon, Instances, Quest there are more couple of thing's but too many to mention but there is one server features that can be easily be abuse in my opinion First | Mining System i've been grinding to reach a certain level to be able to get a decent ores to enchant the pick-axe for decent attributes that would allow me to mine more efficiently. i know it requires hard work and determination and i'm cool with that, i can manage to grind hours after hours, but i can't keep my eye's and mouth shut for those people who horrendously exploiting this mining system. So how these people exploit the mining system? i guest most of you are familiar with Marco for automation, which is a 3rd party program, to take advantage of the mining system. it concern me more when i ask the GM in charge regarding with this matter he told me that he can't do anything about it, since he can't just banned people without authorization from the owner itself, it's like you're a cop and you see bad guy's across the street robbing a Grocery Store but you can't shoot them, without the authorization of the station police chief it's obvious and clear that using any third party program to exploit in game system is forbidden. if this thing continue without the action of the management or the owner it will make the zenny useless for trading, and make the server less attractive Solution? it will be randomly appear and ask for security questions
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