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      7.5     Million Zenies / Person How To Claim #FORUM Post your Introduction post here Name : Age : Girlfriend/Boyfriend : Where do you know Cosmos : Up 2 U ~! As long you introduce yourself!   Only players that recently joined as for 6 June 2017 , that can claim the rewards above.   Cheers, Yatohime
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    • list bug : Pet System Nightmarish Jitterbug Last Room Ghost Palace Temple of demon god Bakonawa Regalia Mechanic Madogear Infinite Space Etc   i love cosmos but i hate with all bug. no maintenance. no GM active anymore.    
    • This topic since start already ridiculous enough for me lol... Yes I know that my friends do macros (no not all, some also like me still do manual a.k.a human energy only even without homunculus AI), but since it legalized by the owner, I don't understand why need to rant over it? If you don't like it then don't use it, if you want to use it then use it. It's only depend on the people's mind since their mind won't be the same like you aren't he/she or he/she isn't you. This one is ok now? Now talking about economy in cosmos, I don't understand about the ruin the economy game really. NPC already doing it's job to sell the daily (maybe not daily but lets just said that) stuffs we need (with a bit balanced price (sadly immortal heart too expensive but still can hunt them qwq) (?)), but if you say about vendor player merchant, then you blame on wrong person if you accusing the miner is the one who broke the economy. People mining some for money some for the item like rune fragment, but vendor is the one who decided the price they want to put not the miners. The rarity of items, the effects and anything are those vendor's decision to make the price. Even for players who sell the items also depends on the seller in what material they sell. So this one also understand now? If you still saying about no bot no macro, please move on since the owner already said that this server has no bot, only macro since it legalize and just play for fun, or you can just find the more suitable RO for your peace. If you're still being a brickhead, I don't know anymore lol.
    • Name: Iman  In-Game Name: Nebraska Gender (Optional): Male Age (Optional): 25 years and counting Where did you learn about CosmosRO?: What do you expect from the server?: Good community to share each others build
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